Carboxytherapy – Undereye Circles, Stretch Marks & Cellulite

Women have tried everything to get rid of the lumpy, bumpy, ‘saddlebags’ that plague upwards of 90% of the female population. Dieting, exercising, wrapping the legs in saran wrap, loofahs, creams, endermologie, liposuction, none of these can cure cellulite. Two therapies that have shown promise in eliminating this difficult problem are carboxytherapy and mesotherapy. Mesotherapy involves multiple tiny injections of fat dissolving substances and vitamins into the middle dermis of the skin where the fat cells reside. An excellent resource on cellulite and mesotherapy is ‘The Cellulite Cure’ by Dr. Lionel Bissoon. Dr. Zdinak believes in mesotherapy, but she does not perform this procedure. Dr. Zdinak uses carboxytherapy to treat cellulite because it does not involve the injection of foreign substances into the skin. Carboxytherapy has been shown to destroy these subdermal fat cells.