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Hollywood Stars Bad Lips Surgery

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have never seen so many botched lips, messed up eyes, and overall terrible looking plastic surgeries as I have seen in the last few months coming out of Hollywood land. You would think that the stars who have to look good, and have the money to do just that would pick and choose the doctors who work on their faces a little more carefully.

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Thermage verses Titan which is better results photos

In today’s modern and fast changing world, technology is playing a whole new role on how we deal with many everyday problems in our lives, including the age old cosmetic problems that we have always want to solve. The Thermage Procedures are far advanced and adding a whole new dimension to all cosmetic treatments and the way we think about them. We are all amazed today at how much we are benefiting from all of the new technology that keeps feeding our imaginations and our practical everyday needs. The Space Race, Our Venture to the Moon, The Space Shuttle, and The International Space Station, all helped to contribute to our vast warehouse of hi-tech wonders that we take for granted today.

Non Invasive Plastic Surgery

We all have seen the results of bad invasive plastic surgery . It is so unnecessary with the many non invasive procedures there are today.

These procedures are all done in the office and produce natural results. Thermage for instance actually is a slow process that gradually produces results over a couple of months, Although you need see some immediate results, it just gets better and better. This makes the change(s) less drastic at one time making a more natural change.

And of course the other plus is that there is not down time for recuperating and is much more dangerous.

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Exilis Body Contouring

Exilis is the newest technological marvel that offers unique radiofrequency energy(radio waves) for the first time to the United States marketplace. It used to be that the only way to remove fat from the body was liposuction, which requires an incision (scar) and downtime from regular daily activities. Of course the old standbys of dieting and exercise still work wonders.

To understand how Exilis works you must know how the body stores fat and fat cells. Fat cells are actually stored in the body in lobules that are clustered like a bunch of grapes. These clusters are wrapped in a fibrous tissue layer like a hairnet that holds them together. This fibrous tissue layer makes it virtually impossible to reach the fatty clusters without a liposuction cannula—until now.

Exilis is a painless and quick procedure with no downtime or limitations on your activities! The technology used by the Exilis device is literally the ‘wave’ of the future.

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Face Transplants a Reality

What we’ve seen in Mission Impossible and 007 seems to be reality . A Face transplant is a reality. The Brigham and Women’s Hospital surgical team that performed the United States’ first full-face transplantation (FFT) in March 2011 — and

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Ultraceutical’s Premium Skin Supplements

Ultraceutical’s Premium Skin Supplements
Ultraceuticals is one of the leading cosmeceutical brands made and owned in Australia. Ultraceuticals provides professional grade corrective skincare products and professional treatments for consumers seeking real visible results. Ultraceutical’s premium oral skin supplements, topical skincare and professional skin treatments focus on providing solutions for pigmentation, ageing and problem skin, whether it’s a complete, balanced spectrum of antioxidants and vitamins to protect our bodies from free radical damage or science-based skincare products and professional treatments that optimise results. Ultraceuticals combines the proof of science and new technologies along with the benefit of effective ingredient levels to bring consumers products that deliver Real Visible Results.

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What is Thermage and Does it Really Work?

What is Thermage and Does it Really Work?

Everyday, thousands of computer users will go online to get information about the Thermage Procedures for erasing fine lines and wrinkles on their bodies. Most inquires ask what Thermage is and does it work?
What is Thermage:
Thermage is gaining in popularity across the nation as the safe alternative to plastic surgery. Thermage is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure that effectively eliminates subtle signs of aging in the face and around the neck, legs, tummy and buttocks and other body areas. It is FDA approved and the treatments are performed only by certified physicians, nationwide. During Thermage treatments, high levels of heat are applied to the different areas of the body using radio frequency energy, and during the heating process, collagen rebuilds itself and over time, tightens the skin and smoothes out lines and wrinkles. Just prior to a Thermage treatment, a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the area of treatment, and this numbs the skin so the patient does not feel any pain during the treatment. Anesthesia is usually not used during Thermage treatments. Most Thermage treatments last about 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.

The results of the thermage procedure will vary according to the patient’s skin and collagen fiber production. Patients who have healthier skin tend to experience more dramatic results. Over the months following the treatment, the patient’s skin should gradually improve. The gradual improvements are a result of the skin tissues healing with gradual collagen production.

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SilkPeel Diamond Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion treatments can be performed in a twenty minute office appointment with none of the residual “grittiness” of traditional microdermabrasion. She uses several SilkPeel formulas:

Clarifying Formula – This anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory solution promotes clear skin for patients with pustular or cystic acne using Salicylic Acid. The added aloe extract soothes even the most sensitive skin.

Hydrating Formula – Hyaluronic acid plus Allantoin and Glycerin combine to deliver rich, nourishing moisture to very dry skin, improving overall skin texture and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Brightening Formula – Utilizing a trio of natural brightening agents – Kojic Acid, Arbutin, and Mulberry- this solution neutralizes active melanocytes while calming the skin with Aloe and Glycerin.

Antioxidant Formula – A proprietary blend of antioxidants including the power of Vitamin C neutralizes free radical formation and stimulates collagen production for younger looking skin.

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Hard Bodies

While at my gym doing my daily, and almost un-noticeable daily-after-work workout routine, I could not help but notice how hard some of the guys worked at the equipment, with little positive results shown. I’ve belonged to this gym now for about 10 months and have made some friends and know where some of us started and have watched the progress on some and total lack of any positive results on others over this period. I cant help but think that many of these guys would be good patients for trying the ‘Thermage Stomach’ Procedure’ that is so popular now. ba_30_beforeba_30_after

The ‘Thermage Stomach Procedure’ is especially designed for those who are not real over-weight, but maybe just carrying some extra flab around the middle, or on the legs and arms. What’s really great is that there is little down time and your right back doing what you please fast and you will see the
positive results right away.

Before After
After the procedure, some patients report a noticeable smaller waist, looser fitting clothing and skin that feels firmer and tighter with improved tone.
You will notice smoother skin texture also. Many patients see noticeable reductions in deep wrinkles and healthier skin texture. After treatment, some patients that had been suffering from stretch-marks, say their stretch marks are less noticeable and much smoother. In general, patients with mild to moderate skin sagging experience some contouring and lifting almost immediately. Immediate results are visible and usually continue to improve for up to six months. The ‘Thermage Procedure’ is fast and easy, and requires no downtime from everyday activities. Unlike lasers, the procedure can be performed on patients of all skin colors. I’ve told several of my gym buddies about this great FDA approved procedure and many are trying it and liking the results. These procedures can only be performed by a certified physician in his office. Its safe, fast and you can see speedy results. And, there is no knives or surgery involved. What more can you ask for?

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Cellulite Reduction

If you have cellulite, you know what it is. For those lucky ones who don’t have cellulite, picture the bumpy texture of an orange peel. That is what the skin surface looks like on someone who has cellulite. It is