GENETISKIN: Being 25 and looking like you’re 50?

Known as “The Beauty Doctor” to the stars, Dr. Lisa Zdinak, a trained molecular geneticist and cosmetic surgeon, maintains a clientele that includes fashion models, celebrities, and even royalty. It was at the request of  many of her clients that Dr. Zdinak formulated the Genetiskin Program. Dr. Zdinak isolated the essential ingredients needed to boost the production of collagen and elastin in the skin and to preserve overall skin health. THESE ARE THE BEST VITAMINS FOR THE SKIN. The Genetiskin line-up is comprised of a range of nutraceutical supplements vital to the production of youthful, healthy collagen and elastin, as well as critical anti-oxidants that work synergistically with each other to preserve the collagen and elastin in our skin from the ravages of environmental (both internal and external) stresses. Genetiskin is not a multivitamin. It is a highly-targeted regimen for the skin designed to produce new collagen, preserve existing collagen, and protect the skin from free-radical attack. Now, she is pleased to offer it to the world. Her offices are in Manhattan, New York City.

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