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Carboxytherapy: Fix those Under-Eye Dark Circles

Dark under eye circles are difficult to conceal with makeup, and often make you appear tired, even when you’re fully rested. This problem is relatively common but it’s important to understand the origin of dark circles in order to develop a treatment plan.

Today, the dark under eye circles condition can be treated by Manhattan Doctor with the Carboxytherapy treatments.

Carbon Dioxide Therapy Carboxytherapy refers to the administration of minute amounts of Carbon Dioxide gas just beneath the skin surface. It is a relatively painless, in office procedure that is completed in 5 minutes with no residual downtime.

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Thermage For Men


It’s getting more and more common for men to be concerned about their appearance, or at least admit to it. In the last few years the famous Thermage treatments for men are becoming increasingly popular for basically the same reasons that women are attracted to the many Thermage Procedures. There is little down time, it’s a relatively fast and painless procedure, and the results look natural.

After Thermager

The same Themage treatments for women are available for men, with saggy, or heavy eyelids, lines and wrinkles on the face and neck being the major concerns for men.

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THERMAGE PROCEDURES: Fixing up saggy skin, cellulite and other nasty things.

Today, the rules on beauty are very different than they were in the past. You don’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars and go under the knife just to look beautiful. You don’t have to suffer for weeks or months recovering from surgery in the name of beauty.

Looking like you were 50 at the age of 20, was a surefire indicator of needed plastic surgery, and the only way to achieve long-lasting relief from wrinkles and sagging skin was to have a facelift. Thanks to the development of non-surgical procedures like Thermage, everyone can look like their beauty comes natural and no one has to live with the early signs of aging. Thermage brings beautiful skin without surgery for everyday people who are willing to work at their appearance just a little. It is more affordable and less invasive than surgical facial procedures, so it is perfect for everyday people who don’t have the time, money or motivations of a super star under the spotlight. Many of the new skin care methods and procedures are the results of Dr. Lisa Zdinak’s hard work and planning. The famous and popular Thermage Procedures are available at Dr. Zdinak’ Upper Manhattan offices in New York City.

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GENETISKIN: Being 25 and looking like you’re 50?

Known as “The Beauty Doctor” to the stars, Dr. Lisa Zdinak, a trained molecular geneticist and cosmetic surgeon, maintains a clientele that includes fashion models, celebrities, and even royalty. It was at the request of  many of her clients that Dr. Zdinak formulated the Genetiskin Program. Dr. Zdinak isolated the essential ingredients needed to boost the production of collagen and elastin in the skin and to preserve overall skin health. THESE ARE THE BEST VITAMINS FOR THE SKIN. The Genetiskin line-up is comprised of a range of nutraceutical supplements vital to the production of youthful, healthy collagen and elastin, as well as critical anti-oxidants that work synergistically with each other to preserve the collagen and elastin in our skin from the ravages of environmental (both internal and external) stresses. Genetiskin is not a multivitamin. It is a highly-targeted regimen for the skin designed to produce new collagen, preserve existing collagen, and protect the skin from free-radical attack. Now, she is pleased to offer it to the world. Her offices are in Manhattan, New York City.

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EXILIS: The future is here now!


The new technology called the “Exilis Procedure” is proving to be the ‘wave’ of the future. The FDA approved device is fast replacing liposuction as the most desired procedure to remove that ugly fat volume from the body.  Of course proper diet and exercise remains and important part of having and maintaining a shaplier and healthier body. The Exilis Procedure requires no surgery so no incisions are made and no waiting for healing.



The Exilis Procedures are available today because of the foresight, good planning and professionalism of Dr. Lisa A. Zdinak, M.D., Chief Surgeon and Medical Director of Precision Aesthetics, located in Manhattan, New York City.


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Lumixyl: The Ultimate in Skin Brightening

There is new hope for those with hyperpigmentation skin problems and the Lumixyl Skin Brightening procedures are a new and revolutionary peptide technology recently developed by researchers at Stanford University, for the improvement for the appearance of hyperpigmentation, including: age spots, sun spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and photodamage.  In the past and for years, the only bleaching agent available for skin dark spots was hydroquinone, either over-the-counter or prescription strength, and not everybody could use hydroquinones, and in some people, hydroquinone actually made their dark spots worse. Lumixyl works by inhibiting the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin in the skin, is powerful but very gentle on the skin.

The treatment begins by jump starting the skin brightening process with a series of SilkPeel Diamond Microdermabrasion treatments using physician grade Lumixyl solution followed by at home maintenance with Lumixyl skin-brightening lotion at bedtime.
Preliminary clinical results are being evaluated in large clinical trials and so far they demonstrate that topical use of Lumixyl visibly improves mild to moderate hyperpigmentation with excellent volunteer satisfaction in as little as 8 weeks with a 50% improvement after 16 weeks.

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It seems like we all keep looking for something better in the way of products and services no matter how good the products and services are that we have become accustomed to using. After much shopping around, we find that what we are looking for has been right in front of our eyes all along.  Skin care products is an example of what I am speaking of.  More and more people have been discovering the amazing value of the Ultraceuticals  line of skincare products and professional treatments that are made in Australia. All of the Ultraceuticals products combine science and new technologies with effective ingredient levels to create a diversity of consumer products that really do deliver positive visible results.

Ultraceuticals Protective Daily Moinsturizer SPF 30

Their premium skin supplements (oral), topical skincare and professional skin treatments all focus on providing solutions for pigmentation, ageing and problem skin, whether it’s a complete, balanced spectrum of antioxidants and vitamins to protect our bodies from free radical damage, or science-based skincare products and professional treatments that optimise results.  The homecare kits and supplementary products enable consumers to develop an easy to follow, daily skincare routine, for clearer and younger looking skin.
The company boasts of its several creams and serums that are specifically advertised to generate smoother skin, diminish the appearance of wrinkles
and help skin to return to its youthful glow and health.
Ultraceuticals assures consumers that only the highest quality ingredients are used in their products.

One of the most positive aspects of this line of products and their company is that there is no animal testing with these products as all testing is research and lab based, and where testing is required, the company uses human volunteers.

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Restylane Approved For Fuller Lips United States Food & Drug Administration has approved Restylane (Medicis, for lip augmentation. Although physicians have been using Restylane and other hyaluronic acid-based fillers off-label in the lips for several years, Restylane is the first hyaluronic acid filler approved for this indication.

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Face Transplants a Reality

What we’ve seen in Mission Impossible and 007 seems to be reality . A Face transplant is a reality.


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The Brigham and Women’s Hospital surgical team that performed the United States’ first full-face transplantation (FFT) in March 2011 — and completed a total of three during the year — has released research describing details of patient preparation, novel design and execution of the operation, and unique immunosuppression protocol allowing for lowest long-term maintenance drug regimen. Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the research includes details of the early functional outcomes and concludes that FFT is a viable option in the treatment of severe facial deformities and injuries.

Dallas Wiens Smiling 10 Months After Full Face Transplant
By KATIE MOISSE (@katiemoisse) Dallas Wiens, a 25-year-old construction worker from Fort Worth, Texas, reveals his new transplanted face to ‘Good Morning America.’ (ABC News) Ten months after receiving the first full face transplant in the United …

US proposes regulating face, hand transplants
11, 2011 by the Brigham and Womens Hospital show chimpanzee attack victim Charla Nash after the attack, left, and post-face transplant surgery, right. The US government wants to start regulating face and hand transplants just as kidneys, …

Transplants Bring New Faces In 2011
by Kristofor Husted Charla Nash received a full-face transplant after she was mauled by a chimpanzee in 2009. Charla Nash received a full-face transplant after she was mauled by a chimpanzee in 2009. If there’s a medical advance that seized the public …


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The Newest in Beauty Augmentation


Adobe’ Fotoshop Augmentation techniques can change your life! Was she born with it, or is Fotoshop by Adobe’?

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