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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is now ranked second among cosmetic procedures right behind Botox injections, in the frequency of procedures performed. Most clients who desire Laser Hair Removal will require a series of treatments, over a period of time which will result in the removal of the unwanted hair as desired.

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GENETISKIN: Being 25 and looking like you’re 50?

Known as “The Beauty Doctor” to the stars, Dr. Lisa Zdinak, a trained molecular geneticist and cosmetic surgeon, maintains a clientele that includes fashion models, celebrities, and even royalty. It was at the request of many of her clients that Dr. Zdinak formulated the Genetiskin Program. Dr. Zdinak isolated the essential ingredients needed to boost the production of collagen and elastin in the skin and to preserve overall skin health. THESE ARE THE BEST VITAMINS FOR THE SKIN. The Genetiskin line-up is comprised of a range of nutraceutical supplements vital to the production of youthful, healthy collagen and elastin, as well as critical anti-oxidants that work synergistically with each other to preserve the collagen and elastin in our skin from the ravages of environmental (both internal and external) stresses. Genetiskin is not a multivitamin. It is a highly-targeted regimen for the skin designed to produce new collagen, preserve existing collagen, and protect the skin from free-radical attack. Now, she is pleased to offer it to the world. Her offices are in Manhattan, New York City.

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FAQs on Thermage Procedures

Since the Thermage Procedures are becoming so popular, people are asking me all the time various questions regarding the different procedures involving everything from the time it takes for a treatment to how it works in general. The following are typical of the questions I receive on The Thermage Procedures:

What are the various Thermage procedures?

The Thermage procedure employs a patented radiofrequency (RF) technology called Thermacool. It has been clinically proven to tighten and gently lift skin to smooth out wrinkles and renew facial contours. The incision-free procedure is fast and easy, and requires no downtime from normal activities. Unlike lasers, the procedure can be performed on patients of all skin types. The Thermacool device has been cleared by the FDA for the non-invasive treatment of facial wrinkles and lines.

What does the Thermage procedure feel like?
With each touch of the thermatip device, you will experience a brief, deep heating sensation as the RF energy is delivered to your skin and underlying tissue.

What will my skin feel like after the procedure?
Immediately following a Thermage procedure, your skin should feel tighter, smoother and more youthful. Overtime, you will notice additional tightening.

When will I see results?
Recently published studies conducted by Thermage show that measurable tightening improvements appear gradually over 2 to 6 months after a single treatment session. However, many patients have reported seeing an earlier response.

How long before I can return to my normal activities?
Most people return to their regular activities immediately following the Thermage procedure.
Can Thermage be used on other areas of the body?
Thermage is gaining increased public awareness in the treatments’s ability to tighten loose body skin – especially loose skin on the tummy area. Used post-pregnancy or pre-liposuction, Thermage has proven to tighten that area that no amount of exercise will touch. an effective treatment for tightening loose areas on the body

Benefits and Advantages?
Most importantly, there is no recovery or patient downtime. Patients may return back to work directly after the procedure.

Thermage Procedures are performed by certified physicians only, and the one closest to you can be found in your local yellow pages.

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Ultraceuticals Skincare Products

More and more people have been discovering the amazing value of the Ultraceuticals line of skincare products and professional treatments that are made in Australia. As we age, natural changes begin to occur to our skin and we see our epidermis becoming thicker and the dermis and fat layer thinner and that is where Ultraceuticals come into play. Ultraceuticals is one of the leading cosmeceutical brands made and owned in Australia. Ultraceutical’s premium oral skin supplements, topical skincare products and professional skin treatments focus on providing solutions for pigmentation, aging and problem skin.

All of the Ultraceuticals products combine science and new technologies with effective ingredient levels to create a diversity of consumer products that really do deliver positive visible results. Ultraceuticals is the number one physician dispensed skincare system in Australia.

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Cosmetic Professionals Say Thermage is the Real Thing

Only when a product, or group of products, or a specialized cosmetic procedure has been worked with by experts, over a period of time, with success, can you tell if it is the product, service, or procedure that will be successful and survive the test of time.

Today, all the cosmetic experts and professionals across the country agree: “Thermage has gone beyond proving that its treatments are the real thing”. A group of very successful, non invasive and non surgical cosmetic procedures have, in recent years, proven to be the type of cosmetic treatments services that people continue to ask for, and the treatments give the patient the results that they expect

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Does the Thermage Treatments Really Work?

When anyone asks me about the Thermage Procedures and asks does the treatment really work? I tell them absolutely yes they do. This protocol is FDA Approved and has become more and more popular every day throughout the United States. Many patients see noticeable reductions in deep wrinkles and healthier skin texture after using the first treatment.

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It seems like we all keep looking for something better in the way of products and services no matter how good the products and services are that we have become accustomed to using. After much shopping around, we find that what we are looking for has been right in front of our eyes all along. Skin care products is an example of what I am speaking of. More and more people have been discovering the amazing value of the Ultraceuticals line of skincare products and professional treatments that are made in Australia. All of the Ultraceuticals products combine science and new technologies with effective ingredient levels to create a diversity of consumer products that really do deliver positive visible results.

Ultraceuticals Protective Daily Moinsturizer SPF 30

Their premium skin supplements (oral), topical skincare and professional skin treatments all focus on providing solutions for pigmentation, ageing and problem skin, whether it’s a complete, balanced spectrum of antioxidants and vitamins to protect our bodies from free radical damage, or science-based skincare products and professional treatments that optimise results. The homecare kits and supplementary products enable consumers to develop an easy to follow, daily skincare routine, for clearer and younger looking skin.
The company boasts of its several creams and serums that are specifically advertised to generate smoother skin, diminish the appearance of wrinkles
and help skin to return to its youthful glow and health.
Ultraceuticals assures consumers that only the highest quality ingredients are used in their products.
One of the most positive aspects of this line of products and their company is that there is no animal testing with these products as all testing is research and lab based, and where testing is required, the company uses human volunteers.

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Silkpeel Diamond Microdermabrasion

So many of us continue to use harsh, ineffective, over-the-counter exfoliants and scrubs, and end up with no positive visible results, week after week. Now is the time to visit your local dermatologist and experience the professional exfoliation you cannot achieve at home with Silkpeel Diamond Microdermabrasion.

There is nothing better for correcting fine lines, wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, hyperpigmentation and mild acne scarring. The SilkPeel is a clinically proven skin resurfacing treatment that provides simultaneous exfoliation, evacuation and the delivery of condition-specific topicals to promote a healthy, smooth and even complexion.

The SilkPeel treatment can be customized to treat your own skin’s needs. The procedure can be performed in a twenty minute office appointment with none of the residual “grittiness” of traditional microdermabrasion.

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Does Thermage Done on the Lips Help With Lip Wrinkles

For facial treatments, Thermage can treat sagging skin, loose jowls, lack of jawline definition, sagging neck skin, wrinkles and fine lines, and lack of definition of the lips. The Thermage Procedures also work wonders for wrinkled, crepey, sagging or bulging skin, and help with the appearance of cellulite. This Pro-decals are performed by certified physicians all over the globe and are bringing in rave reviews everywhere. Most take about 45 minutes for facial problems and up to an hour and a half for most other body areas. Of course this depends on the condition of the area, the location, treatment size, etc. These procedures are short and most procedures only require a single treatment, so it will not disrupt any modern lifestyle or your daily routine. A temporary redness or minor swelling goes away after around 24 hours. General anesthesia is not required, but to make sure you are comfortable the doctor may offer light pain medications prior to treatment.

Thermage uses hi-tech radio frequency technology to heat the deep, collagen rich layers of your skin which helps tighten existing collagen and stimulate formation of new collagen, resulting in reduced sagging, renewed contours and improves the texture and smoothness of the skins surface around the eyes, nose, neck and, yes, can help and a suggestion is to ask the certified physician about any specific questions you might have when setting up your first appointment.

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How Do I Cure My Dry Winter Skin?

Hi everyone,
Now that we are survived this arctic blast, well we kind of have, it is 34 today! Lets talk about combating Dry, Winter Skin.face1

The basics.

Eat a balanced diet, Plus vitamins that are good for the skin such as our Genetiskin line.
Use a good moisturizer day and night, we recommended Ultraceuticals Ultra Rich Moisturiser Cream
Get enough sleep
Stay hydrated
Avoid UV-We suggest Lumixyl Moisture Lock Sunscreen SPF30
Do not smoke

Now on to our winter care:
1.)Take tepid showers. As good as it feels, a hot, steamy shower will make your dry skin worse.
2.) Sunscreen saver: Use sun screen all year long. We suggest Lumixyl Moisture Lock Sunscreen SPF30
3.) Switch to milder cleansers and richer moisturizers; such as
Ultraceuticals Ultra Rich Moisturiser Cream, The cold weather along with inside heating dry out your skin more quickly, so help it out with a creamier lotion.
4.) Exfoliate less
5.) One way to create a smooth canvas to apply your face makeup is to use a face primer.

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