Thermage for Men Chin Before and after

thermage for men before and after

Men are opting for thermage now more than ever. Each year the percentage of men requesting thermage goes up, and why not ? Its a procedure that is virtually traceless.  All that your friends will see is that you have tighter skin and that your double chin is gone or minimized.  They will probably assume it was the result of weight lost or gained.  Men need that competitive edge in the workplace or in the market for love. Either way check out this before and after for Thermage, look at the skin of the neck that was tightened. The double chin was literally lost, and the jaw line was vastly improved, all in one non surgical one hour visit. Gotta love it.  Go to the Thermage website and find a black diamond or pinnacle award provider to make sure you have the most experienced facility. As I have said before choose one that has Exilis as well, so you can have the benefit of maybe some additional spot reduction with Exilis. Staying handsome and ” young” works for men too.  PS make sure they use the new CPT handpiece.  The results are night and day, you will get a much more effective treatment. If you had Thermage done prior to the CPT handpiece 2010, you need to check this out. Click on the image and look at it full size, so you can see its actually the same man the results are spectacular, and all non surgical.

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